“We Got This: A Zine about Screening, Safe Calls & Buddy Systems For Safer Indoor Sex Work”

It’s finally here! A year after putting out the call I am finally able to launch “We Got This: A Zine about Screening, Safe Calls & Buddy Systems For Safer Indoor Sex Work”

You can download the print version here: We Got This FINAL (1).  BY POPULAR DEMAND: view the web version here. Note that this version has been corrected to include a submission that was accidentally left out of the print version. 

“We Got This” is our community genius! It is femme science! (thx Kim Katrin Crosby for this concept). It is not advice, it is what we actually do to stay safe outside of the systems. Please share with sex workers in your life, at your agency or parlour, on your review boards and listserves, in your communities, meetings and on the street. Send me feedback, changes, stories about how it’s helped you.

Part of why it took a year to get this zine out was because I wanted to check-in with various sex workers and sex working communities (both in Canada and abroad) about the safety implications of publishing our info online. By and large, sex workers agreed that this information was critical and would not compromise our safety to have publicly available. Though I will remind folks: this is a publication for sex workers.

from the zine: “With very few exceptions, only sex workers can give each other effective safety advice. This zine is by and for current and former sex workers only. People contributing are all genders, all have worked off-street/indoor and many have worked the street as well. It is designed to help us stay in charge of our own bodies and work. You make the call on what works for you. We can’’t rely on policing or prisons when those systems are killing us and are unwilling to be accountable to us. What we really need is each other.” Because we got this!



ps  An enormous thank you to the designers at The Public Studio for donating the design of this zine and to Skittlez Gunn from the co-op program.

12 thoughts on ““We Got This: A Zine about Screening, Safe Calls & Buddy Systems For Safer Indoor Sex Work”

  1. This looks great! Is it possible to upload a version that is laid out for screen reading? The page order is kinda doing my head in, and I don’t own a printer. Thanks!

    • KC, I know what you mean & so sorry I don’t have a screen readable version! It was designed for print and I can’t change it now. Lesson learned for next time.

  2. I will read this from an unbiased standpoint, while showing my friends in attempts they will do the same. I’ve learned that debate and discussion provoking projects are more inspiring and open your mind more than arguments and deep rooted convictions. I still do not agree with you, but believe you are not trying to hurt humanity, just broaden its horizons a little more.

    Good Luck

  3. This is fantastic- I dream of eventually having an online community writing and chatting about experiences – funny sad educational etc and providing a place for a safety app to find others in your area if something goes wrong. This is all part of that dream. Thankyou!

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